I’m a very shy person – Basketmouth reveals


Bright Okpocha popularly known as Basketmouth has soared in limitless ways when it comes to his career as a stand-up comedian.

His recent nomination for the the Annual South African Savanna Comics’ Choice Awards (SCCA) is only proof of this. In a chat he recently had, Basketmouth revealed some interesting facts about the nomination and himself.

According to the 40-year-old comic actor, it was the satisfactory feeling that came from making people laugh that pushed him into comedy in the first place.

He confessed that he was a shy person and would naturally not have ventured into comedy.

“So when I started doing comedy I did not know I was going to be popular or famous, this is new to me I’m a very shy person, I was just doing it because I enjoy making people laugh, I was doing it for free, the first time I charged for a performance is because I was hungry and someone said that the people would pay me. In my mind I was like oh them dey pay? {laughs} so when you enter into that space you realize that there are some things that you have to let go off you can’t start a full time comedy career and be doing other things on the side so you have to let go of everything and you have to just step in, if you fail you fail, if you win you win.”


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