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Jittery first day I appeared before judge

Usman Omotosho is a legal practitioner in Ilorin, Kwara State. He had his LLB from the University of Ilorin 2008. Subsequently, he went to the Nigerian Law School and was called to Bar in 2009. During his National Youth Service Corps between 2009 and 2010, he served with the Legal Aid Council, Katsina. He later joined the law firm of Shehu Akorede and Co. He is presently the HoC of Lambo Akanbi and Co chamber. He shares with our JUDICIARY CORRESPONDENT, ABIODUN BOLUJOKO his unforgettable experience in court. Excerpts:

Barrister Akaje who was my boss gave me a file to represent him in court due to his inability to attend to the case. Being a new wig, I was eager to go to court that very day. When I arrived the court, I became very jittery in the presence of the Judge and the large number of people frightened me. I was not composed enough to even arrange my brief well due to fright.

Again, I have come to realise that as a lawyer it is not advisable to take up police matter directly; not that lawyers cannot go to police station to defend his or her client but he/she should not make it priority. There was a day, a counsel from Benin called me to assist over his clients who had issue with the police in Ilorin. As a counsel I went there and interviewed the complainant. I did everything I could to get them released on bail after which they never showed up again. I had confrontations twice with the Commissioner of Police over the matter. I had very bad and bitter experience. I had to travel to Benin to meet the lawyer before I was able to get them back to Ilorin. This caused me a lot if inconveniences. I had no time for my family and other things at that time.  CP wanted to see me over the matter; since then, even if I want to take up a police matter it won’t be as I handled that one. It was an unforgettable experience.

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