4 things that make IVTEC, Ajesepo, unique


International Vocational, Technical and Entrepreneurship College (IVTEC) is a charitable non-governmental educational institution with a vision to promote inclusive human capital development within the context of evolving national (Nigerian) needs and global competitiveness. It stands out as a vocation training school from its peers for seven unique reasons.

  1. IVTEC is a charitable non-governmental educational institution. Profit making is not a key consideration in its operations, which makes it readily accessible to indigent population and open to donor funds for human capital development.
  2. The school, at the bihest of the state governor of Kwara approves full scholarship select candidates for a three-month special training programme under the Youth Employment and Social Support Operation (YESSO) project. Beneficiaries must be indigent, and criteria for their selection I based on World Bank existing database and selection model. Currently, 13 candidates each from the 195 have undergone any of the available 15 special certificate programmes for three months.
  3. Kwara State indigenes enjoy 70 percent scholarship at the school, which covers tuition, fees and training tools.
  4. IVTEC curriculum covers, significantly, most of the 900 missing skills sets identified by the Industrial Training Fund, ITF, to be missing in Nigeria.

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