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Fake News: Cleric cautions Muslim Journalists


By Ahmed Ajikobi

The Imam of Agaka Central mosque, Asa Dam road, Ilorin, Yusuf Murtadoh (Olopoewa) has cautioned Muslim journalists against propagating fake news which can lead them to earn the wrath of Allah.
He further urged Muslims to desist from deliberately embarking on a mission to destroy their fellow Muslims or anybody in the name of revenge among other things.
Olopoewa stated this during the Jumaat service before the two congregational traditional rakat at the mosque on Friday adding that, Muslims should remember they will give account on how they used the gift of knowledge Allah gave to them.
He said Muslims should purify their soul and be close to Allah adding that they should not allow Shaytan the accursed devil to make use of their mind negatively against other people.
“Never plan evil on your fellow Muslims or anybody with the power of the pen almighty Allah gave you. Don’t broadcast or write anything bad against person.
“Don’t write or sponsor any bad news against fellow Muslims or any person whether for political reason or otherwise and don’t be purveyors of fake news.
“Muslims should remember that on the day of judgement, every part of the body will be asked to give account on their activities while in life.
“The tongue, hands and eyes among other parts of the body that is answerable to Almighty Allah will be made to speak that day. We should not use the tongue to speak bad against anybody and eyes should not bear false witness. Muslims should be careful of news they carry and be thorough in their investigation on any news before reporting.
“Even if you are sponsored to attack anyone, make sure you investigate on the news before publishing”, he added.
He said Muslims should be mindful of fake news that could cause chaos in the environment and the country at large.

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