Security man saves bus from catching fire


A security man has been hailed a super hero for his brave efforts to save a commercial bus that caught fire on Wednesday evening along Isaac John road, GRA, Ikeja, Lagos.

The commuter bus, a yellow Volkswagen vehicle, was said to be heading to Police College when the two occupants of the bus perceived the smell of smoke.

According to the bus conductor, he drew the attention of the driver to the smell, but as they attempted to park, heavy smoke crept out of the bonnet of the bus, and before they knew it, the bus was engulfed in flames.

“We were heading to the barracks. We wanted to carry passengers before, but my boss said we should not carry anybody, that we should just pass GRA to our place,” he told Sahara Reporters.

“We were first smelling something else, and I alerted my driver to the scent. He said he also perceived the smell, and tried to find a place to park. As we were trying to park, we just saw smoke,” the bus conductor, said.

According to a witness, there was panic when the fire started, as vehicles and passers-by tried to get away from the scene of the incident. However, but for the brave action of Ibrahim Francis, a security man attached to a store located around the scene of the accident, the fire would have burnt the whole bus and spread to other vehicles in the vicinity.

Recounting what happened, Francis said that he was inside the store when he heard that a car was on fire.

I was not scared, because that’s part of my training as a security officer,” he said.

“I underwent a course on fire training in Ibadan. If I did not see the fire extinguisher. I would have got a bucket, added detergent to water and used it to quench the fire. I don’t really understand what caused the fire.”

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