Pillar of Sports set to rescue YSFON


Nigeria pillar of sports chief Donatus Agu-ejidike (JP) has vowed to lift YSFON to her glorious days.
The pillar of sports stated this in Ilorin where he hosted YSFON national executive led by Mr Patrick Akpofure at the office of the Nigeria Pillar of sports in Ilorin.
The Anambra born business eulogised YSFON for sustain the tempo and legacy of grassroot sports in Nigeria.
Executive members of the pillar of sports office led by Mr Ajide Olayioye, Alloy Chukwuemeka, Bayour Issah were in attendance at the short but colourful ceremony.
YSFON delegation led by Mr Akpubere had earlier solicited for the support of pillar of sports to service the U-15 National boys and girls tourney.
YSFON national coach Alhaji Gafer, National organising sec Alhaji Abdul Rasak, Mallam Ahmed Abdullah and Ademola Kiyesola chairman Kwara YSFON equally grace the occasion.

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