Police speaks on Osun Lawmaker caught in ritual-bath in market square 


The Police yesterday opened up on an unclad video of a member of Osun State House of Assembly, Hon. Timothy Owoeye, which surfaced on social media platforms on Saturday.
Owoeye, a majority leader in the Osun parliament was caught on video naked, pleading for mercy from some unidentified persons at the dead of the night at an environment that appears totally isolated and bushy.
While the majority leader failed to provide vivid insight on what led to his claim of fraud and the logical correlation with an unclad video that had gone viral on social media where he was visibly sighted pleading, the police in Osun has reacted to the incident in the same way Owoeye did.
The Commissioner of Police in Osun, Adeoye Fimihan in a short statement said, “God will help Nigeria and Nigerians. That man is a victim of fraudsters. He unfortunately played into the hands of fraudsters, who defrauded him of a huge sum of money and later tricked him into that place in a way of getting something and to continually blackmail him, with a view to getting more money from him.
“It is not as if he was there to do any ritual. We have arrested some of them (fraudsters) and they have been charged to court. We even recovered about N10 million from them out of the money they swindled the man of. Whatever is trending is not the truth. That fellow is a victim of fraudsters.
“That is what I am telling you now that this very one is not fresh. If something that was recorded 10 years ago is being circulated now, would it still not look fresh. The man is a victim of fraudster and the fraudsters have been arrested. They have been charged to court and they are in prison custody.”
However, a source, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said that the lawmaker was apprehended at a place called Osunjela, an outskirt of Osogbo, the Osun State capital.
According to the source, Owoeye was rounded up while performing some ritual activities, in connection to the forthcoming election in the state.
“I can authoritatively tell you that the man was arrested by some vigilante boys around this area while trying to perform some rituals.
“He settled some people with money through transfer and pleaded for cover, he later turned around to say another thing and started intimidating those people with police.
“The issue of fraud peddling by the police is a mere concoction of political players in the state to cover the mess”.
Owoeye had earlier dismissed the trending video as the handiwork of fraudsters who are out to score cheap blackmail purposely to mute him over a case of fraud.
Speaking over the phone on Sunday, the lawmaker claimed that those behind the video are fraudsters, who have been arrested by police and to be arraigned in court on Wednesday.
“Those who are versed in the antics of fraudsters will know that the video is an advanced state of fraud to score cheap blackmail.
“I can’t say more than that now, I have been talking since morning, I will definitely speak further on this after the court sitting on Wednesday, Owoeye said.

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