I started business with N4  – Chairman, Ogunjobi ID card maker 


For Chief Ayodele Ogunjobi, his sojourn into business was predestined because what could have been a loss worked out for his good. According to him, because he could not further his education after the completion of modern school in 1975, he enrolled for apprenticeship in a printing press.
“I joined a company in Ibadan to learn printing work for nearly seven years, and later with Atoto Press in Ilorin before I set up my own business in 1984.
Ogunjobi said the beginning was rough as he could not raise money to upgrade his business.
“I can remember that I started this business with N4 which was my savings then. No family member was ready to assist and I couldn’t access bank loan.
“Looking back today, I thank God that I did not regret going into business. Ogunjobi ID card is a household name in Kwara State today, to God be the Glory,” he enthused.
Speaking on the challenges in the job, he said the request for collaterals by banks before giving loan is a major impediment to business growth in Nigeria.
“When one approaches the bank for loan for business expansion, they request for documents of landed property. If I have a land, why won’t I have converted it to cash in the first instance”, he queried.
Ogunjobi, however, advised youths to go into business instead of seeking for white collar job.
“The problem with youths these days is their quest to want to get rich quick without working for it. Many people today want to be like Dangote, but cannot endure the pain he suffered for height attained.

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