When Nigeria gets lucky with ABS

By Caleb Rotimi Atitebi

Throughout human history, leaders have come in some defining moments to change the direction of their country for good. When all seems to be lost, that is when heavens normally do smile on a country at a crossroad, a country in need of urgent reset.
This appears to be the case with Nigeria at the moment. For a country which welcomed a new government in 2015 with so much hope and jubilation, we have come a full circle in less than four years, with things getting worse by the day. Many who welcomed the present government with so much eagerness, hoping that a new era has began, have been roundly disappointed; even as the country move from bad to worse, acquiring an unenviable name as the ‘poverty capital’ of the world.
It’s amidst this gloomy scenario that strong men like our own Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki (ABS) have put their hands to the plough to rescue the country from a further dissent into absolute retrogression. Therefore, anyone who knows the pedigree of Dr. Saraki would agree with me that our country is indeed lucky to have him show interest in the No. 1 position in the country.
Young, detribalized and energetic, Dr. Saraki has shown through his unquantifiable achievements in all positions he has held so far that he is a man who is fixated on achieving whatever objective he set for himself. First as Governor of Kwara State for eight years and presently as Nigeria’s Senate President; Dr. Saraki is a policy wonk who is committed to uplifting the governance of our country to a level that guarantees the delivery of quality service to Nigeria and her people.
As he goes in search of the mandate to serve the Nigerian people, one can only pray that this journey leads to victory in order to avail the country the services of one of the best managers of men and resources. With his humongous capacity to think through the best ways to achieve results; Nigeria will no doubt be a dignified country with Dr. Bukola  Saraki as its President. May the new day breaks soon and avail our dearest leader a chance to grow Nigeria.
Hon. Caleb Rotimi Atitebi from Igosun ward is an aspirant for the Kwara State House of Assembly (Oke-Ogun constituency) on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

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