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Increase your good deeds to erase your bad deeds – Cleric tasks Muslims


By Ahmed Ajikobi

The Imam, Agaka mosque, Asa Dam, Ilorin, Ustaz Yusuf Murtadoh has urged Muslims to increase in good deeds adding that it will erase their bad deeds.

He further said that doing good deeds is one of the criteria to be a qualified true Muslim.

The cleric stated this at the Juma’at service on Friday adding that Muslim should submit themselves to Almighty Allah.

According to him, as true believers, we should distance ourselves from anything that will destroy our relationship with Allah.

He said Islam is the true religion that link human to God and promote human unity.

“Islam teaches us how to live our lives, with family and relatives and teaches us how to use every position we found ourselves to advance humanity to avoid facing the wrath of Allah.”

“Muslims should move closer to Allah and do away with sins that can lead them astray.

“A good Muslim is a person that always stays with Allah and that believe that there is no God except Allah

“The Prophet (SAW) says anyone that is pure in his soul and heart will see the mercy of Allah”, he added.

He urged Muslims to seek for forgiveness always and increase in good deeds that will earned them paradise adding that only those who fear Allah will be granted God’s favours.


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