Mayorkun escapes being killed in Lagos


With fame comes a lot of unplanned things and young singer, Mayorkun, recently experienced the effect of being loved intensely by fans.
In a recently released video clip, Mayorkun, and a group of his guys narrowly escaped being killed by groupies who crowded their vehicles in Lagos.
According to the singer, they had been at Yaba College of Technology (Yabatech) to perform and had an amazing time thrilling the students with his impressive number of hit songs that are topping several Nigerian charts at the moment.
However, things turned a bit sour when he made his way home after the performance. Not only was he crowded by groupies but they took it the extra mile when they shattered the car windows of two of his cars  In one of the clips, Mayorkun can be heard saying he already settled the fans with some money. His generosity was however not enough as both love, admiration and need moved the groupies to do all they could to get his attention.

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