Ras Kimono’s lover, Efe Okedi dies weeks after his burial


Another tragedy has just struck the late Ras Kimono’s family.
His live-in lover, back up singer and the mother of the late Reggae star’s last daughter, 5year-old Chidinma, Efemena Okedi is dead.
Details of her shocking death are still sketchy, but it was gathered that she allegedly gave up the ghost Sunday morning, .
She was said to have attended a party staged by Kimono’s brother- in- law, where she was till around 10pm before returning home. Around 4am, she complained of chest pain and was immediately rushed to the hospital, where she was adjudged ‘BID’, that is brought in dead.
Her death was confirmed to YES INTERNATIONAL! Magazine by Mr. Theo.
Likewise COSON Chairman, Chief Tony Okoroji, who couldn’t say much, kept wondering how their five-year old daughter would fare; “why two deaths in quick succession as well as Efe’s good nature.
“Such a nice girl, such a nice girl…my brother, I’m just speechless!’
From Delta State, Efe was always full of life and had a smile for everyone. In her 30s, prior to Kimono had dated Dem Go Dey Pose crooner, Baba Fryo.

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