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Politicians tasked on good deeds


By Ahmed Ajikobi

The imam Al-Ilal Mosque GRA , Offa road of the state capital Ustaz Lanre Yusuf Badmas has urged  politicians to live with the mindset that there is no tomorrow. In this wise, he urged them to do good unto others.

Badmas gave this charge in his Jumaat service sermon he urged all Muslims to live and engage in doing good deeds as Allah and Prophet Muhammed advised.

The Imam said Muslims should live in this World like strangers, adding that they should always be ready for the judgment day. He said a visitor in a state or community will be more focused on where he or she is heading to.

Badmas further stated that, if Muslims focus on good deeds as if they are going to die anytime, their minds will be in tune with Allah’s instructions and thereby  avoid being distracted by the devil in order to gain Allah’s rewards.

“If you are in the morning live    as if you will not witness afternoon and if you are in afternoon live your life as if you are not going to witness evening and one can do that by focusing on good deeds.”

According to him, Muslims should prepare themselves for the hereafter by doing good deeds in life because death has no period.

“Prophet warns us not to do beyond ourselves in looking for worldly power to avoid facing the wrath of Allah.

“Some destroy their lives; kill other people because they want to be rich in life.”

The Imam said, Prophet Muhammed while in Medinat Mosque asked his companion  who wanted to enter paradise and all answered yes.

“Prophet replied them that they should tame their ambition, moderately, so that they will not be against Allah. “The prophet advised us to be careful and use our knowledge no matter the position we may hold in life, so that we can lead well.”

Badmas tasked Muslims to fear Allah and the day of judgement, adding that “When you fear Allah you control your intellectual brain. Be careful of what you consume in your tommy don’t eat haram.

“Fear Allah in both private and public, when you are strong, and not only sensible utterance that will benefit everyone.”

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