Joblessness conceptualises my business idea – CEO Hill Point Academy


For Damilare Atolagbe the frustration of moving from one office to another seeking White collar job after graduation led him to conceptualise a business idea.

He said “I do roam about the streets in search of  job with no avail, and in order not to sit idle. I opted for business by establishing a coaching Centre owing to my decision to contribute to academic emancipation of the general public.

“The beginning was so challenging but I was determined to succeed.  In fact, there was no money to start with but I managed to borrow N5,000 from a friend through which I paid for space apartment.

“I rented benches and chairs to enable my students sit on because I don’t have the financial capability to buy all the needed uptake for the business.

According to him, looking back today the school has grown beyond his expectation as there are branches across the state.

The CEO said “Today, i am an employer of labour. I have workers working for me and I pay their salary. “Damilare who is a graduate of English from University of Ilorin, noted that the challenges in the business are enormous as the value of education in Nigeria have declined.

“The neglect of the education sector by the government also pose a threat. Parents are not helping the system neither as they cut corners for their wards,” he said.

He advised the youths to look at business sector as a vibrant and promising undertakings and stop looking for white collar jobs that are limited or does not exist.

“I want the youths to think of an idea that will benefit the society. They should think beyond the box and take their destiny in their hands.

“In this modern time knowledge is wealth. You cannot be rich by waiting for monthly salary. The world richest and successful people think outside the box. They embrace entrepreneur skills, ans that stand them out among their peers, Damilare stressed.

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