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Galadima: Community without power supply

Let me use your inestimable medium to express the disdain ravaging our community to the appropriate authorities for necessary actions.

Let there be light and there was light was the very first command the Almighty God gave before the creation of human and animals. The importance and necessity of light cannot be over-emphasised for the survival of man and animals and that is why God in his infinite wisdom thought it wise and provide us with light, that is, electricity for the existence and betterment of the human race.

Plants use light for the photosynthesis of its food while human use it to see, cook, preserve different kind of things and for sustenance as they use it earning day-to-day income in some cases. All beings need light and it is one of the fundamental human rights as ordained by the United Nations, to which Nigeria is a signatory.

It is rather funny and amazing when we heard that Eko Disco is to give free prepaid meters to its customers, news had it that the Management of Eko Electricity Distribution Company (EKEDC) says it will give 100 free prepaid meters to its customers during the company’s customers’ service week… Lagosians are expected to celebrate and dance for joy since it was aimed at ensuring 100 per cent customer satisfaction without electricity supply. This situation is not different from what we are experiencing in Kwara state. Many communities in the north central state of Kwara are in dilemma of paying for what they did not consume, all in the hand of Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company (IBEDC).

The Ilorin Airport community is about the first point of call for any traveller entering the metropolis by road or by air. This area covers over two kilometres radius, extends from U-turn opposite Ilorin Aviation College to Gbagba Community, with several thousands of homes and businesses.

Lao, Gbagba, Galadima, Airport to Eiyekonrin areas are communities located adjacent Ilorin International Airport, the airport with the longest runway after Lagos, visible anytime to travellers by air (road if possible) even by Asa river, seeing total darkness on approaching the ancient city of Ilorin does not portray the capital of the state harmony in good light…home of the Senate President.

For over three weeks and still counting, there was no electricity supply to the entire Airport area in Ilorin metropolis. Our August visitor, as people refer to IBEDC officials, were only seen moving from street to streets, demanding the payment of monthly electricity bills and ready to disconnect any defaulters who refused to pay for the non-existence electricity towards end of the month…

It takes courage to admit failure or mistake, when contacted, the Head of Communications, Ilorin Regional Office, Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company (IBEDC), Mr Kola Asaju, said they are facing serious challenges, and that they are working with the Transmission Company of Nigeria to fix the breakers that are down. People want IBEDC to put a date for the restoration of the electricity supply. But Mr Asaju refused to give definite period or time, which shows that the suffering continues for thousands living on this axis.

No wonder any government that is able to provide regular and adequate electricity supply to its populace can beat its chest any day and will readily receive pat on its back.

Light is a necessity, let IBEDC not seek to shift the blame of this epileptic electricity supply on federal of state governments, it will be better if it can accept its responsibility and tackle all inadequacies that have been and that may arise in the future. Electricity is big necessity for human survival.

By Oluwaseyi Ayobrown  write through:

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