“Be kind to your parents”, cleric tasks Muslims


By Ahmed Ajikobi

The Imam of Al-Ilal Mosque, Offa road, Professor Lanre Badmas has urged Muslims to be kind to their parents adding that kindness is another way to receive blessings from Allah.
He made the statement at the Juma’at service during his sermon on Friday.
Quoting copiously from the Quran and Hadiths, Badmas said Muslims should always do good to their parents.
“Another Hadith from Abu Huraira said that prophet Muhammed (S.A.W) said some people who meet their parent alive till the time they both died and he didn’t get the certificate of Al janat from them, such a person will suffer and be punished for .”
The Imam said the child should obey instruction from their parents hence it is not to the disobedience of Allah and try to make them happy at all times.
“One man went to prophet and said he was his free from his parent as they have passed away.  The Prophet replied that no he must  pray for them after death, do instigifar for them, all the work they use to do while alive must be sustained like sadaqat and respect all the people your parents used to respect in life”, he added
Badmas said “anyone your parent love , love the person that  will make your parent happy in the hereafter.”
He said that it is the duty of the clerics to teach people and spread the message in mosques, schools, and within the society to lead children to the right part.

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