My rich friends pay girls $15,000 for sex – IK Ogbonna


Excess Luggage actor, IK Ogbonna, can be so damning when he’s worked up about something.
In a recent chat with Potpourri, the handsome father of two said he knows of very rich men who give girls 10 to 15 thousand dollars just for kicks but wouldn’t give out a penny to help a man in need.
While dishing out his piece of mind on how the rich can lift the society, he said the rich should make more millionaires out of people close to them instead of spending their money on wanton pleasures of life.
“To all the millionaires and billionaires out there, let’s try and create millionaires. You don’t wait for the government to do that, that’s not their job; the government is supposed to try and make things easier for us to live.
“There are so many rich men that give girls 10,000 dollars, 15,000 dollars every day after having sex with them. How about every month you bring out N10 million, look for someone that has initiative and a good business plan and invest in his life? You don’t need to dash him the money but let him pay you back in a year’s time. If 100 billionaires can come out today and do this every month to make a millionaire, in that way you are creating labour and making jobs for people and making their lives easier.”

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