Tributes: Adieu Princess Olufunke Deborah Adedoyin!!!


By Comrade Bisi Fakayode

How do I start? What can I say? Why did you have to go? Princess Funke, omo Adedoyin…You made the whole world light up with your amazing personality. You were so different, you were clever, intelligent, popular, bold and beautiful. You were highly compassionate!
It’s harsh and painful, how death snatched you away from us.
The cold, daring, reckless and arrogant enemy of humanity has struck! Death! Its wicked hands has done us an irreparable damage. It has snatched away our humble, brilliant, amiable, hardworking and bold Princess from us in a rude and shocking manner.
Like our daily routine, I have been waiting for your calls Princess for the past few days (10pm- 1am daily) to give you the usual updates. The call never came, this which has left me sleepless and in a state of distress.
In our last conversation; You told me you will be coming to Ilorin by 2nd of October, Princess, where are you? Are you still coming?
You told me that those that decamped from APC to PDP shall be given consideration and that you were sure you will get the ticket. Where are you to receive it?
You also told me to work out the budget on the proposed thanksgiving Service at Agbamu church for the 3rd of October 2018.
Princess just where are you now?
I am your closest confidant, Adviser, the Field Marshal of your Political soldiers. Yet you never told me you will leave so soon! I didn’t even have the chance to say goodbye!
Our relationship got to the extent that, I put your interest before mine.
We have absolute trust for one another…you never for once doubted my loyalty to you. There was no record of betrayal from both sides. These were all possible because of your humanitarian personality.
Princess Funke Adedoyin was so dedicated to the service of humanity.
She believed that poverty among her people should be addressed; Hence, the establishment of Princess Olufunke Trust Fund (POT) in the year 2001, where she gave loans to women in Kwara South.
Princess hated Politics of using Good boys; One of her reasons for empowering some youths through gifts of tricycles, block moulding machines, employments.
Princess was one of the major facilitators of IGBOMINA Radio.
She evidently identified with Igbomina plights and always made herself available for assignment that were out to better the lots of her people.
Princess’s slogan was always; “We need to make things work, no matter the sacrifice involved, our people must be happy”. That is Omo Adedoyin…the compassionate!
Some things are better left unsaid but Princess, I have to say this. You left me heartbroken and inconsolable. I fought hard to stop tears from cascading down my cheeks but cannot stop the grieve raging in my heart. My spirit is disquiet and my soul is uneasy.
Your sudden death will remain one of my greatest personal losses of a loving, unassuming and brilliant friend and sister.
However, it has pleased God to call you at this time, and as mortals we are always bound by the will of Almighty God. Your death is a huge personal loss to me. Your wise counsel will be greatly missed. My consolation is that while you were with us, you lived a life in the service of God and humanity.
May the Angels lead your soul to heaven till we meet at the feet of our Lord Jesus Christ, to part no more.
Goodnight my sister and confidant. Goodnight! Sunre oo!
Fakayode, is the Special Adviser to Kwara State Governor on Labour Mattrers

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