You found out your spouse is your boss’ lover, what will you do?


When your spouse is dating your boss it is like standing between the devil and the deep blue sea. If you find yourself in such situation, how would you handle it? Asks AMINAT BABATUNDE.

Aminah Abosede Tugbobo – I can never leave my man for anybody

If you love your guy then continue with your relationship him. I can never leave my man because of anybody, especially if he truly loves and care about me.

Dauda Hawau (Corper) – I’ll quit the job

I will feel very bad. It is a very critical situation. I will not take it lightly with my boss; In fact, I will quit the job immediately. And I will ensure they end their relationship because, It let them be, they may attempt to get rid of me.

Abolaji Musbau (Businessman) – I’ll divorce my wife

Well, I will drop her tactically; I will send her out and then resign from the job.

Jamiu Ibrahim Shehu (Businessman) – I can’t afford to lose my job

It’s left to my spouse to make a decision. I can’t afford to lose my job. If my spouse really loves me she won’t be dating my boss. I will not do nothing other than watch as things unfold.

Opeyemi Adeoti (Journalist) – She has to choose between my boss and I

I will ask her to choose between me and my boss; if she chooses me, I will continue with her.

Muhammad Salman (Teacher) – Our marriage will be dissolved

I will investigate to find out the truth. If I am able to establish it with evidences, then our relationship is over.

Abudwasiu Omokayode Aremu (Engineer) – I will let sleeping dog lie

I will pretend not to know anything and just ignore them. I will not even raise the issue with her as long as she does not say a word about it.

Khadijat Lawal (Designer) – That is the end

I will confirm if its true they are dating. I will then call my guy to tell him that i am no longer interested in the relationship.

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