Former Libya captain Al-Tarhouni blasts Libya Coach


Former Libya Captain, Nader Al-Tarhouni has blasted the interim coach of the Mediterranean Knights, Omar Al-Miryami in the wake of their 4-0 loss to Nigeria on Saturday.

 Less than 72 hours before the Libyans were due to travel to Uyo, Adel Amrouche took everyone by surprise after announcing his resignation, citing unpaid wages totaling 100,000 euros, and Al-Miryami was quickly appointed as his replacement.

”Coach Omar Al-Miryami made some mistakes,” Al-Tarhouni said in a television interview, according to Al Wasat newspaper.

“I was not convinced by the general face of the team. We did not notice a trace of the coach in the match.”

Libya had been topping Group E of the qualifiers just two days ago but find themselves in third position following their loss to Nigeria and South Africa’s easy win against Seychelles yesterday.

Nigeria will meet the Libyans again on Tuesday, October 16 in Sfax, Tunisia.

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