11 Yoruba actresses in hot demand  


Yoruba actresses have a large followership, many thanks to social media,  but not all of them take up movie roles as fans think.
The busy Yoruba actresses jump from one movie set to the other because they are in hot demand by producers and directors.
Though Nollywood is home to some of the most talented and beautiful actresses, some Yoruba actresses have continued to shine like bright stars because of their involvements in many movies.
While their acting skills and good looks are partly responsible for their demand in movies, these actresses shuttle between various movie locations in Lagos, Ogun, Oyo,  Kwara and Osun States.

Jumoke Odetola: is without doubt one of the young Yoruba actresses aiming for the zenith of her career.
Jumoke is known to have been in high demand in the last three years.
While she still ranks in the B list of Yoruba movie stars, she is one of the most sought-after actresses.
Her ability to convincingly deliver her roles has been responsible for her rise, which even got her nominations at the 2016, 2017 and 2018 editions of the Africa Movie Viewers Choice Awards.

Kemi Afolabi: This graduate of the University of Lagos is getting all the attention she desires from the movie producers, directors and marketers.
Her decision to retrace her steps and form an ally with the Abeokuta caucus of the Yoruba movie industry has paid off giving her as much role as possible.
She finally broke even by starring in almost all productions by Odunlade Adekola after the actor cum director and producer emerged the next big thing in the industry about five years ago.

Jaiye Kuti and Toyin Alausa are the queens of family drama series and sitcoms on Nigerian screens.
However, Jaiye is still getting her fair share of attention from directors and movie producers.
Her ability to translate her roles into relatable characters has won the hearts of several fans in Nigeria and outside the shores of the country, who yearn for her appearance in movies.
Convincingly, Jaiye has proved herself as a talented actress by appearing in English movies and several drama series and sitcoms.

Toyin Abraham (Toyin Aimakhu): Though 2016 was a memorable year for Toyin Abraham where she was caught in the web of her personal life, she was able to rise against odds to throw herself back into her career.
The career-driven actress was busy on several movie sets in 2016 and majority of the productions are scheduled for release in 2017.
Toyin has since devoted so much time to her work that she’s now one of the most sought-after Yoruba actresses currently getting roles.

Ayo Adesanya has remained on the scene for the last five years.
In the last five years, directors and producers have kept the actress on movie sets for the better part of the years.
Adesanya’s ability to act has never been in contention, however, her ability to become one of the most sought-after Yoruba actresses is one thing fans enjoy.
Ayo has the ability to act and speak fluently in Yoruba and English languages.

Fathia Williams (Fathia Balogun): Call Fathia Williams one of the recurring faces and leading lights of the Yoruba movie industry and you won’t be wrong.
Widely known and referred to as Fathia Balogun – she was once married to her colleague, Saidi Balogun – this actress has never lost her acting juice.
She has always been in high demand by marketers, producers and directors in the last one decade.
For Fathia, all the boxes of qualifications are ticked – beauty, talented, delivery.

Mercy Aigbe isn’t just a fashionista and celebrity with endorsement deals, she’s actually one of the Yoruba actresses in ‘hot demand.’
The request for her participation in several movie roles is public knowledge amongst her colleagues and peers.
According to most of her colleagues, Mercy is always ready to give her all to any movie as long as the story resonates with her.
One of her media aides once said Mercy takes her acting career with all seriousness saying it is her call to fame and should never be toyed with.

Like Kemi Afolabi, Eniola Ajao owes most of her appearance in movie roles to the favour she got in the sight of actor, director and producer, Odunlade Adekola.
A former accountant with an unknown firm, Eniola has since been in demand after starring in over 15 films directed and produced by Odunlade Adekola.
Her good looks has played a big role in the demand for her appearance for movie roles by movie directors and producers.

Mide Martins grew up consuming so much in the Nigerian movie industry.
Her mum, Funmi Martins, was one of the talented Yoruba actresses, who died over two decades ago.
The young Mide had spent a quality number of her teenage years around movie stars and when she debuted as an actress, it took her few years to perfect and master the art.
Mide is currently on the list of the most sought-after actresses not because she’s the daughter of a late popular actress but because she is one of the darlings of fans and filmmakers on screen and on social media.

Omowunmi Ajiboye, like Eniola Ajao and Kemi Afolabi, got her big break by appearing on several productions by Segun Ogungbe.
Omowunmi has been able to build a career portfolio for herself by appearing in over 50 movies shot in Abeokuta, the capital of Ogun state.
At the moment, Omowunmi is also in demand by producers and directors who are mostly her colleagues.

Madam Saje: The name Fausat Balogun might not resonate as much as the mention of Madam Saje.
The veteran actress has consistently been on high demand by filmmakers and movie producers.
Having paid her dues and shown that she will interpret any role, the actress has been stereotyped by many of her employers.
Though she gets stiff competition from Joke Jaiyesinmi, Folake George and Iya Ereko in playing the ‘motherly roles,’ Madam Saje has been able to maintain the lead.

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