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Prepare for your end, cleric to Muslims


By Ahmed Ajikobi

The Deputy Imam of Al-Hilal Central Mosque, GRA, Ilorin, Ustaz Adam Jamiu has reminded Muslim faithful of the need to prepare for the day of judgement.

In his sermon during the  jumaat service  before the two traditional rakats, he further reminded Muslims that they would give account of their deeds on earth.

He urged believers to prepare  for the hereafter through good deeds, adding that death can  come to anyone at any time irrespective of age and status.

” Muslims should believe in death. It’s not that they don’t know that death is inevitable, it’s just that their actions do not portray that.

” For instance, when a Muslim dies, other faithful will converge on the cemetery, it is at that point that they are compelled to reflect on their lives, but as soon as the janazat is over they will return to their sinful ways.

“On the day of judgement everyone will be equal, whether you are Managing Director of a company, Governor, President, sheikh, Imam among other positions. We will all give account of our deeds whether good or bad. When  judgement comes you will have no one to blame but yourself.

He also charged Muslims who have orphans  in  their custody to deal with them with the fear of God,  adding that whatever resources have been left behind for such children by their late parents, should not be mismanaged in order not to incur Allah’s wrath.

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