You discovered after marriage that there’s an annual ritual observed in your spouse’s family, what would you do?


Imagine you just got married to your spouse and you are told of a age long ritual you have to perform as an in-law, what would be your reaction? Asks AMINAT BABATUNDE.

Balqees Salman (hairdresser) I’ll try to convince him against it: I will try to convince him to desist from it but if he remains adamant then I will inform my family and leave the marriage.

Moh’d Raji (civil servant) I’ll resort to prayers as a Muslim: Since it’s an annual ritual, prayer will be my sword. With Almighty Allah nothing is impossible. I am definitely in that family to bring light into the darkness that exist there.

I’ll threaten to expose the family’s evil act – Olatunji Seyi  Samuel (Corps member) : Firstly, I’ll try to convince my partner to stay out of it, take her to the Bible scripture which  says, “Thou shall not serve any other God except thy Lord God
After that I will make her realise that the world is now civilised and that those things belong to the stone age.
I will threaten to pull out of the relationship and expose her family  to scare her if she does not desist from such act.

I can’t sin against God because of marriage – Amudalat Ambali Adeleke (Business woman): For not telling me before marriage and owing to my muslim background, I would rather walk away. I cannot sin against Allah because of marriage

I’ll stick to my religious belief – Muhammad Adi (Barber) :I will stay away from their religion and stick to mine because my religion states that, “Lakun denukum waliyadini.” Meaning theirs is theirs while mine is mine.

My wife will have to choose between her family and I – Abdulkadir Yunus Lasiele. (Civil servant): I should have known my would-be wife’s background. I won’t go into marriage if her belief its not in line with my religious belief. so fetishism should not be raised after marriage and if it happens then the wife will have to choose between our marriage and fetish act

I won’t send my wife away – Folorunsho Musa Tunji (Teacher): Allah said in his holy book that he forgives all sin except shirku, that it’s people worshiping idol. If I am not privileged to talk to the family about it, I will call the attention of my wife to it and make her see reasons why it is not good. Because two wrongs can not make a right, I won’t because of that send my wife away.

If I send her out that means I am adding to her problem instead of solving it for her.
Saka Musa Olaitan (Civil servant,) I will quit the relationship: I will have no option than to quit the marriage because I need to know everything about her during our courtship.    For not telling me, that means she is not to be trusted

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