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MO Ibrahim puts Nigeria in 33rd position of 54 class


Adetunji Ayobrown

When MO Ibrahim Rankings measurement is totally right No one needs to tell even a stupid man that it is raining; was a clear and decisive explanatory response to those calling ‘goat a horse’ for Nigerians in terms our day-to-day survival. When the latest news on our economy became a nation issue, many commentators fail to address difference between things; i.e. effects of this bad economy on an average Nigerian life.

Explain to an average Nigerian on the street or tell me, any ordinary plus common country that MO Ibrahim Foundation ranking about our beloved nation is its entirety, if not totally right. And like my teacher’s word, numbers are funny, and like I will say, very funny indeed, all thanks MO Ibrahim.

Numbers timed us measured us.

MO Ibrahim explains to me and every other Nigerians that our existence as humans can only be measured only no one else, but by MO Ibrahim. Who is MO Ibrahim you want to ask, like me a lay man in business and economics, MO Ibrahim is a businessman of repute born on the best month of May 1946 now aged 72 of Sudan origin, residence of Monte Carlo, Monaco and citizenship of United Kingdom. Alma mater of Alexandria University, University of Bradford, University of Birmingham and with occupation of Business and engineering, with net worth of US$1.18 billion with many un disclosed asset.

Mohammed “Mo” Ibrahim is a Sudanese-British billionaire businessman.

He worked for several telecommunications companies, before founding Celtel, which when sold had over 24 million mobile phone subscribers in 14 African countries. After selling Celtel in 2005 for $3.4billion, he set up the Mo Ibrahim Foundation to encourage better  governance in Africa, as well as creating the Mo Ibrahim Index, to evaluate nations’ performance. He is also a member of the Africa

regional advisory board of London Business School.

In 2007 he initiated the Mo Ibrahim Prize for Achievement in African Leadership, which awards a $5 million initial payment, and a $200,000 annual payment for life to African heads of state who deliver security, health, education and economic development to their constituents and democratically transfer power to their successors.

Ibrahim has pledged to give at least half of his wealth to charity by joining The Giving Pledge.

Forbes recently list Mo Ibrahim to worth $1.8 billion, making him the 692nd richest person in the world. Mo Ibrahim was also selected for the TIME “Top 100” list in 2008.

Though, he was born on 3 May 1946 in northern Sudan, of Nubian descent, the second of five children, four of whom were boys and when family moved to Alexandria, Egypt when he was young, and father Fathi was employed there by a cotton company, and his mother Aida was very keen that they all get a good education.

Able Ibrahim earned a bachelor’s degree from Alexandria University in electrical engineering. He returned to Sudan and started working for the telephone company, Sudan Telecom moved to England and earned a master’s degree from the University of Bradford in Electronics and Electrical Engineering, and a PhD from the University of Birmingham in Mobile Communications.

In 2007 Ibrahim was awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies, and in 2011 an honorary doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania.

Ibrahim is credited with “transforming a continent” and is said to be the “most powerful black man in Britain”.

This organisation scored our lives 47.9 in overall governance, in terms, ranking it 33 out of 54 countries in Africa, and for country, ‘Giant of Africa’ in retrospect should not be proud of this score. Or how else will a student explaining to his parents at the of an exam to pick just best 5, that he is 33rd out of 54 class…manipulation of no ease must be sort by him in his explanations.

I should be in the best position to know if am filed. After all, ‘Odo mi ni ikun wa’ like the Yoruba’s will say. Though Nigeria seems to increase in ranking from 35 in 2017 to 33 in 2018 after the 2018 Ibrahim Index of African governance was launched by the foundation on last week, but the country’s overall score dropped from 48.1 to 47.9…what a pity. Then, what are the explanations for this…..twitter ordinary man reactions, but economists too reactions….many governments who had been scored before knew better, ask them.

According to the report, this score is lower than the African average of 49.9 and also lower than the West African average of 54.3. The report stated that Nigeria received its highest category score in participation and human rights, scoring 53.2 and its lowest score in sustainable economic opportunities, scoring 43.5. Labour clamouring for 54,000 Minimum wage while the FG says its only on 30,000 benchmark while our state governors forum bent on just 22,500…numbers are funny indeed and define

Many Nigerians in private sector that did not got any promotion nor any increment in its wages and salary thought Mo Ibrahim Foundation Ranks of Nigeria as 33rd out Of 54 Countries in its Overall Governance

In Africa see numbers to be funny indeed. Even the diehard buharists agreed too and not want to continue in this their economy and poverty state in another 4years, please ask Balarabe Musa when he said that the ‘Worst of Buhari is her with us. Alhaji Musa knows that a strong penis has no shame, so do an hungry man. Of course among the list of ordinary Nigerians that the minimum wages may be the determinant of their lives or directly affected by these juxtapositions, of course, he, Musa’s name is surely above the list.

Maybe better understanding a common Nigerian poverty level needs to be sort by him.

Vicwe president Osinbajo too agree to this on the economy. Certainly, there is a clear distinction between madness and insanity….so also is stupidity and foolishness.  Since population is not about numbers, but people, MO Ibrahim Rankings is better measures from Nigerians living in poverty…if certainly ‘Nigeria’ is indeed tagged and to every common Nigerian.

Whether you are in agreement with my statement and submissions or not, as long as human lives numbers will continue to determine our living and surely with no exception, numbers are funny asd kits affects us all. An indeed MO Ibrahim ranking is an indices to be considered by federal government of Nigeria! CIAO.



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