8 celebrities who own private jets


If the showbiz is a tree, then singers and musicians must be its golden fruits. To attest to that statement, here is a  list of top 8 Nigerian musicians who own one or even more private jets.

  1. Wizkid: Wizkid has long been seen traveling in private jets since joining the mainstream in the entertainment industry. To earn himself a life of luxury, Segun Demurem, his former boss, helped him a lot. On several occasions, Wizkid had his friends joined him to travel in his private jets. One of his best friends is Phyno who flew with the musician to South Africa.
  2. Davido: Davido is known to show off every of his luxurious possessions on social media for the whole world to know how rich he is. He owns a private jet in which he travels the globe in. This he also showed on social media and it generated lot of media hype.
  3. P-Square: The P-Square brothers share a luxurious life thanks to a net worth of more than N15bn. Of course, besides earning a great deal from the music industry, they know how to spend it too. Owning private jet is just one among various luxurious things they acquired in a bid to enjoy life.

They were first seen flying private jets in the early 2010s. They own a Airbus.

  1. Don Jazzy: Instead of relying on commercial airlines, Don Jazzy has his own way of traveling abroad. What’s more interesting than flying in your own jet?
  2. Phyno: Phyno has been good at keeping the fact that he owns a private jet from the public. However, with the kind of money he earns from the industry, it comes as no surprise that the musician has his own steel bird.
  3. DJ Cuppy: DJ Cuppy has shown that female musicians like their male counterparts can also enjoy a life of luxury. Her father millionaire, Femi Otedola is always there to support his beloved daughter. Without him, maybe the 23-year-old DJ would have resorted to other means of transport instead of traveling in her private jet during her tour in West Africa.
  4. Tiwa Savage: The biggest female star in the music industry won’t love to travel by commercial airlines. With all the money she earns, she can conveniently afford to own a steel bird. She was actually spotted in an Afri Jet recently.
  5. Olamide: There’s still no official information of whether the Nigerian musician owns a private jet, though there’s one thing about Olamide, he loves posting photos of him in private jets.



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