You’ll be shocked to see me sitting beside God in heaven, Bobrisky tells haters


Nigerian male Barbie, Bobrisky has a word for his haters and those insulting him online.

He asked those insulting him to find something to do in order to make names for themselves.

The cross dresser also told haters to stop passing judgement on him, saying they are not better than him.

Posting via his IG page, Bobrisky wrote:”Bobrisky lovers! Quick one has anyone of you noticed that it is only people who are not doing good that call others names?

“It is high time these people sat down and thought of what they want to do with their life. Are you praying to follow celebrity till you die?  Let celebrities too celebrate you one day. You all insulting me don’t forgot I was also once broke before I thought of a hustle that will make me a millionaire and give me mighty name. Please go find a hustle and stop insulting people on IG.

Secondly, some of you are saying I am going to hell?. Do you know where you are going to? Nobody on this earth can tell me he or she is not sinner, if you have lied before you are a sinner, runs girl you are sinner, thief, sleeping with another woman who is not your wife all these are sins, so face your sins and leave other people sins alone. Let God be the Judge.

“Don’t be surprise  as you all will see me sitting pretty beside my creator God while those Jesus servant judging people around walk straight to hell. My darling mind your business and let other people enjoy their life.”



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