By Kayode Adeoti

Former Grand Khadi, Sharia Court of Appeal, Kwara State, Hon. Justice Idris Haroon has condemned the recent prevalence of ritual killings and sales of human parts in the city of Ilorin.
Justice Haroon while speaking during a juma’at service at the Juma’at Central Mosque, Fate, Ilorin, Kwara State, last Friday,  warned those indulging in such acts  to desist from it in order to avert the damnation of God.
He noted further that the situation has put many Islamic clerics in Ilorin in the state of perplexity.
He stressed that  Islam is a religion of peace and does not encourage wrong doings.
Haroon stressed that the act of selling human parts is not peculiar to the ‘holy city of Ilorin’, maintaining that the good works of the founding fathers of Ilorin must not be thrown into the mud
“Any abuse of human dignity by way of killing, kidnapping and denial of access to life are abhored by God. The prophet in many of His hadiths frowned at such and vowed that the perpetrators would end in hell.
“The Quran in unequivocal language condemned act of killings, whoever kills a soul or spread mischiefs on the earth is like killing a whole human race… Quran said, killing of one single man is worse than natural calamity that could kill a whole nation.
“The idea of selling human parts is barbaric, satanic and inhuman, it can only be done by an animal or sadist. It has no relevance to the history of our holy city of Ilorin. The city is founded by pious, knowledgeable fathers through whom Islam spread to many parts of this country. Seeing this happening in Ilorin has put many of us in perplexity.
“What are the bold steps taken by the government, leaders of communities, parents? I’ve tried to ask over time, why this, as much as I tried to unravel the mystery behind it, I end up not getting answer. Can poverty take out from one all attributes of human being?, he queried.
The former jurist, however, admonished everyone in the state to move closer to Allah and shun all vices.