Your spouse’s ex gives him/her surprise birthday gift, how’d you react?


Your spouse gets a surprise birthday gift from his or her former partner, what will be your reaction to this, AMINAT BABATUNDE samples opinions from respondents.

Ahmed Ajiboye (Journalist) – I’ll be mad at her: I will be mad with her. She must  return it. There must be a hidden agenda. As you know, men don’t do things just like that.

Funsho Aliyu (C.E.O, Global Ltd) – It won’t be welcome: It depend on how open my spouse is.

Nevertheless, it’s not going to be welcome as the question will be,  “on what ground?’

Muslimat Ibrahim (Fashion designer) – Only a gold digger will do that: He can never take such a thing from her; it isn’t possible. My reaction will be like, are you  crazy and why stoop so low as to take anything from her…he must be a gold digger to take gift from her.

Rukoyah Olaide Sulyman (Hair dresser) – I won’t tolerate that: I will not tolerate that. That means there is something behind it, which is a secret between them.I Will not let him collect it at all.

Fadeyi Babajide Adeolu (Journalist) – It’s wrong: If she had collected it before she told me, then she must return it. But if she has not collected it, then she must not collect it at all. It’s very wrong to collect anything from her ex.  If care is not taken, they can start dating again.

Shakira Kolade (Corps Member) – I won’t be comfortable with it: It depends, but definitely I won’t be comfortable with it but the decision of whether to take it or not solely lies with him.

Olukayode David Buari – She must reject it: To be frank, she has to return it if she wants me to trust her. But if she refuses, then she will have to move in with him.

Comrade Akinfolarin Michael Akinbobola (Corps member) – It will affect our relationship negatively: Well, I’ll never allow her collect  the gift, because if she receives the gift, it’ll be an issue to treat for life.  My reputation would be soiled, my relevance to her will drop. So, she must reject it.

Abdulganiyu Olamilekan (Corps member) – I must be aware of it in the first place: Well, first of all my spouse has to inform me before she can collect it and I will have to know if there’s nothing between them; I mean if they are not having secret love affair. But frankly, I will not allow her to have anything to do with her ex, not to talk of collecting gifts. I will compensate her by buying something bigger if I have the money.

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