Buhari not mentally, physically fit to contest – Opposition presidential candidate


The founder and Presidential candidate of the National Interest Party (NIP), Eunice Atuejide, has declared President Muhammadu Buhari mentally and physically unfit to continue in office, saying she has commenced legal action to “stop” him.
Mrs Atuejide, 39, said even if Buhari wins at the polls on February 16, “he can still be disqualified” in the courts.
“We will file the matter in court and we will serve him before elections. Let’s see if we can stop him even from contesting so that we see if we can create chances for people like me that is contesting.
“We have to stop him. Even after he wins, he can still be nullified,” Mrs Atuejide, a lawyer, explained in an exclusive interview with Premium Times.
The interview was conducted a week before the Coalition of United Political Parties (CUPP) said it filed a suit at the Federal High Court, Abuja asking that President Buhari be declared unfit to seek re-election.
Mrs Atuejide is among the plaintiffs in the suit while the President and the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) are the defendants, according to court papers seen by Punch Newspapers.
The group said their decision was based on the president’s performance at different rallies where he almost fell at one and made some blunders at others.
The ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) however dismissed the concern raised by the group which it described as fictional and a tool of the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).
“The president is hale and hearty,” the National Publicity Secretary of the APC said.
However, Mrs Etuejide in the interview last month, said the president is unsound and explained why he should not be reelected.
“He is not fit to run. Our constitution under section 137 (C) says if you don’t have sound mind, don’t contest. We’ve seen him say he does know that the IGP did not to Benue. He forgets things. He talks about things in the 80s as if they are happening now. These are normal for his age. So, if you are that old and the natural effect has started to tell on you, the reasonable thing is not to contest.
“That is why we are suing him. The National hospital needs to check him to ascertain whether his mind is sound enough and once the court orders that check, we will know why he is having early memory loss problem. He definitely has that behaviour.
“People like me will throw him out. The wife has been complaining and I believe it is because Buhari did not have the mental capacity to rule the country. He doesn’t need to contest and if he is doing it, we will stop him.”

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