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Dejected, day Judge hurled invectives on me over client’s absence


Sabit Kazeem Ololade is a young lawyer based in Ilorin, the Kwara State capital. He bagged his LL.B from the University of Ilorin, Nigeria in 2014. He was called to the Nigerian Bar in 2015 and had his NYSC in Umofo, Imo State in 2016. He is presently practicing with Magaji Ngeri and Co., a law firm based in the state. He shares with ABIODUN BOLUJOKO, his unforgettable day in court. Excerpts:

My most dramatic day in court remains fresh in my mind though it happened in 2018. It was a day judge dressed me down.

One of our clients was claiming up to N9million from someone so we filed the case in court and I was assigned to handle it. Along the line, our client was later settled out of court to a tune of N6million. So it remained a balance of N3million.

Each time the matter came up in court, we adjourned for report of settlement out of court.

But in one of the proceedings, our client failed to show up in court because he had collected large sum out of what he was claiming. So, he became unserious about the matter. In fact, he did not pay the professional fee, we’re only working for him as if it was pro bono.

Each time we appeared in court to defend the matter, our client will not come and we kept on telling the court that we were trying to settle the matter out of court. Little did I know that our luck was too good to last.

One day, I went to the court, on this matter, when the judge asked of my client, I responded that we’re still trying to settle the matter. The Judge got angry and said, “You don’t know what you are doing, you are not serious, you are just wasting the court’s time, even as a Judge, I am smarter than you, you are not smart  at all”.

The Judge continued to lecture me in an insulting manner. I felt downcast but I have to take it that way. He is a Judge and there was nothing I can do about that.

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