What is the greatest risk you have taken for love?


No doubt love sometimes make people do ‘crazy’ things; people in the course of their relationship take certain risks out of love. AMINAT BABATUNDE asks Kwarans the greatest risk they have taken for love.
Aminat Abosede (Artiste) – I lend my boyfriend money for house rent: The greatest risk I took for love was when I lend my boyfriend money for my house rent. I suffered for it because I was ejected from the house and he didn’t care about me and my son.
Lukman Omobolaji (Businessman) – Travelled overnight: I have done lot of things for love. One of it was that I travelled from Ilorin to Lagos without telling any of my family members and friends, to visit my girlfriend. The lady just called me one day at about 6pm that she was missing me and that I should come over. But, she ended up disappointing me at last.
Olatunde Adewuyi (Businessman) – I risked my life making several trips: I travelled outside the state several times to meet my girlfriend and she ended up disappointing me because I found out that she was double dating.
Udeh Promise Vincent (Computer Scientist) – Falling deeply in love: The greatest risk I have taken for love is not holding back; loving with all my hearts and putting in everything for it to work. I was expecting an exact reciprocal from my partner but realised I was taken for a fool and lost out eventually.
Olukayode David Buari (Student) – I bought suya for girlfriend with my sister’s money: I remember when I was on my Industrial attachment  programme, I was wooing a  lady and  tried to impress her by buying her suya with my elder sister’s money. My sister had asked me to deposit the money in the bank as part of remittance for a debt she took from the bank. I had to play bet9ja virtual game before I could pay back the money. The painful part of it is that the girl did not date me.
Yusuph Sikirullah (Journalist) – I gave my school fees to a girl: The greatest risk I took for love was to sacrifice my school fees for my girlfriend, in order not to lose her.

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