Poll: Muslims urged to shun violence 


By Ahmed Ajikobi

The Imam of Sultanate Mosque, Adewole, Sheik Sultan Kamaldeen has charged Muslims and non Muslims to vote right in the coming general election.

While delivering his Khutbah (sermon) on Friday during the Juma’at service, he said everyone should vote with the fear of God and without violence.

Kamaldeen urged the voters to vote for their choices based on their conviction without fear.

“In Islam there is nothing bad to see a good candidate and asked people to vote for such person but hypocrisy has crept into politics and election. That’s why the scholars are scared to chose for anybody”

He tasked voters not to sell their votes to anyone adding that anyone who sells his or her vote was not considering their future.

Kamaldeen tasked Muslims to fear Allah and have it in their mind that they are going to meet him on the day of judgement.

“When you are in a position of authority, it is trust and we must remember on the Day of Judgment, everything will be exposed by Allah because there will be no hypocrisy’, he added.

Prayers were later offered for the peaceful conduct of the poll before, during and after.

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