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Defend Islam with knowledge, wisdom cleric charges Muslims


By Ahmed Ajikobi

Muslims have been urged to imbibe the act of good deeds and extend such to their fellow human beings in order to be rewarded by Almighty Allah (SWT) in this life and hereafter even as he charge them to rise to the defence of Islam.

Ustaz Abdur-Rasheed Ahmed stated this during his Friday sermon (Khutba) held at the Sultanat mosque, Adewole, Ilorin West local government area of the state.

The Imam said there are several good deeds Muslims can engage in adding there is need to work towards the purification of the mind and establish five daily prayers with the use of our body parts.

He also charged Muslims to fear Allah in all they are doing adding that no matter the profession they found themselves, Muslims should portray Islam in its pristine originality.

The Imam advised Muslims to emulate Prophet Muhammad (SAW) in their ways of life stressing that they should apply knowledge and wisdom to fight for and defend Islam.

“Prophet fought for Islam with all his knowledge and wisdom and urged Muslims to emulate”, he added.

Ahmed further encourage Muslims to be upright in worshiping of Allah adding that Allah created us to worship him and to do away with any form of shirk.

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