I borrowed  N30,000 to start business –  CEO, Alasco Furniture 


The fact that he had no money to start up his business did not deter Mr. Boniface Ayanda, from embracing entreprenuership.
The Chairman of Alasco Furniture located in Offa, Kwara State, revealed that he borrowed the sum of N30,000 to start his business.
The graduate of Kwara State Polytechnic said that after obtaining his diploma he secured a teaching job but had to quit over irregular salary payment by his employer.
“I quitted the job and enrolled for two-year apprenticeship to master the skill of furniture making. I gained freedom in 2014 and borrowed N30,000 from by elder sister to start the business,” he added.
He explained that he was able to successfully set up his enterprise by drawing  a business plan.
“I bought materials with the money I borrowed  and contacted my friends that are into the sales of timberto supply me with planks.
“I gained popularity because of the quality.Even during my apprenticeship clients preferred my job,” he further said.
Ayanda, however, advised youths to always think outside the box by having plan B, which is learning hand work in order to have something to fall back on when white collar job is not paying off.

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