Marriage, out of my plans, popular actress reveals


There is a sheer hypocrisy amongst popular females in Ghana especially those who’re single. This is because most of them don’t like it when topic about marriage is raised, however, they enjoy sleeping around. The same thing is applicable to failed musician Belinda Akua Amoah famously known as Mzbel. According to her, marriage is forever out of her plans because she can’t be a slave to a Ghanaian man all in the name of marriage.

Speaking to Attractive Mustapha on Attractive TV, she said many people give wives doctrines about the Bible stating that women must be submissive towards their husbands but she is not ready to follow that order and does not believe in the Bible in the first place. The ‘Awoso me’ hitmaker explained that she cannot go through the ordeal of reporting every activity of hers to her husband, seeking permission to go out to the saloon, parties and clubbing. She insisted that all that is drama to her but she enjoys being her own boss and calling the shots whilst she can have sex anytime she wants because she has a boyfriend but will never marry because marriage is not for everybody.

Just a few days ago, this same Ghanaian singer, Mzbel had gone on a rant, warning ladies to desist from insulting her on social media or else she will sleep with their boyfriend. According to Mzbel who’s popular for her hit song ’16 years’, sleeping with their boyfriend is not the only thing such ladies who insult her will suffer. She stated that their boyfriend will end the relationship with them after she has had her way with him. Mzbel said: “You know i’m a bad girl… those ladies who have been insulting me on social media, you need to desist from that else I’ll click on your name, look for your photo and location and work on getting to sleep with your boyfriends and if I do, they will certainly leave you.”


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