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‘You have to be success minded to be one of us’


What motivated the start of the Seniors girls hub?

I am passionate about women. I love to see a circle of women winning. No one can stand alone, no one knows everything at once hence the need to belong to a body; where we learn new good things or tricks, where we get encouragement and so on. I want all women to have a strong bond of friendship and success. That is why Senior Girls Hub was formed.

What’s the criteria for selection of members?

The criteria to be a member is for you to be a girl/woman and be success minded.

Is Senior girls hub a social club, NGO or just a hub for selected girls?

Senior Girls Hub is a social success community for everyone(girls/women) interested.

What’s the population of the group at the moment?

We have more than 100 pioneer members and counting.

What is the mission and vision of the group?

We are on a path to bring women across the globe together to learn and achieve success.

How do you meet, for I’m sure the membership cuts across Nigeria?

We sure meet. Members attend meetings or hangouts in their neighborhood.

The girls conference scheduled to hold in May, will it be a yearly thing?

Girls Conference will be a yearly thing and this year’s is going to be the maiden edition.

Why the choice of Lagos as the venue?

The weight of our membership is in Lagos so we thought it wise to meet in Lagos.

Do you have age limits when it comes to membership of the hub?

The minimum age that can join the hub is 19. There is no maximum.

What does it require to be a partner or sponsor of the forth coming conference?

To be a partner or sponsor, you first must be passionate about women and willing to support the ways you can, then you can send a mail to [email protected] for further understanding.

A word of advice for aspiring senior girls hubites and members?

Everything is impossible until it is done. If you get it done you erase impossibility from your diary.

Do we have members of the hub that have benefited positively been a member of the hub?

Yes, we have. Different people have benefited in different ways from emotional, moral, financial, exposure….name them.

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