Sports firm holds seminar on hooliganism at match venue


A leading sports consultancy firm in Nigeria, Success Tiyu International is organizing a one-day seminar to proffer solutions to challenges facing sports in the country.
Five papers will be delivered by top sports technocrats at the seminar fixed for March 4, 2019 in at the famous Nostalgia Hotel and Suites, Lokoja, Kogi State.
According to the Director of the sports firm, Musa Abubakar, FIFA licensed sports manager, Shogo Shodunnke will be delivering paper on how to control match fixing that is fast overtaking the excitement to be derived from any competition, notably in team sports events.
A retired FIFA referee and director at the National Institute for Sports, Doctor Alex Mana will be jointly delivering lectures on development of grassroots sports in Nigeria with Mallam Sule Okeme who is the Director of Sports at the Federal University, Lokoja.
A paper on how to discourage drug abuse and doping in team sports will be delivered at the seminar by the President of National Association of Women in Sports, NAWIS, Doctor Olufunke Kajuini.
There will also be lectures on how to Curb Hooliganism and ensure maximum security at match venues by Elder Daniel Oloko of the Nigeria Referee Association, NRA and there will be time to update the participants on the new laws of the game in various team sports.
Mr Abubakar told newsmen in Lokoja on Friday that decision to organize the seminar was geared towards increase in various challenges mitigating development of team sports in Nigeria just as he believed major actors in sports would broaden their ideas on certain areas needed to better their various beats.
“It is crucial and necessary to do this seminar at this time to reacquaint sports administrators and athletes to have at the tips of their fingers ways, of ensuring maximum security at match venues to stalemate crisis,  forestalling sudden death on the pitch of play due to ignorance of athletes consuming harmful substances before games will also be brought to a mild and most importantly, efficient and modest ways will be proffered on how grassroot sports which is the basis for professionalism made obvious.
“It is in this view we encourage sports administrators, various club management, team sports federations and associations, sports directors of tertiary institutions, sports officers of military and paramilitary bodies and local government sports secretaries in Nigeria to make it a date with us to add more knowledge as it is said ‘no man is an island of knowledge’,” he said.

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