Kwara NURTW drums support for grassroots sports development


The Vice chairman Kwara state athletes association, Alh Issah Aliu Ore has drums is supports towards sports development in Kwara state

He pledged to contributes is quarter to youth development in our societies, says supporting sports development in the societies, is like given empowerment to our youth

Nigeria youth need our encouragement and supports, in other to set goals/objective for their self, it will surely bring food to their table and creating jobs for living

I appeal to sports stakeholders, company, entrepreneur and government, to put more money into sports business, it will strongly help our youth away from drug addition, cultists, bad gang and internet fraudulent

Though will understand the challenges in the country, but nevertheless our youth deserve better tomorrow and be independent on their own

If will failed to do this, there will be serious problem in our societies and creating an avenue for conflicts and idle hands

Sports is health and wealth , I will encourage all parents , guardian , teachers etc , to encourage our children, students and youth to be involve in doing sports as they partake as well because is good for our health as doctor advice

On behalf of my chairman, Alhaji Tunde AbduIkareem who has contributed a lot to the successful of this competition.

I assured all our athletes that next year will be more colourful then this, they should continue in training hard.

To be an international champion is not a day job, I wish them safe journey back to their various schools and local government.

And to all pressman around, our volunteers, well wisher, parents and teachers and everyone that as support us in one way or the others we say thanks so much and God bless.

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