Saraki, we’ll forever be grateful and always stand by you


By Oniyangi Mashood

My family and I will forever be grateful to you, Your Excellency, the Distinguished Senate President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Sen. (Dr.) Abubakar Bukola Saraki for contributing to my success in life as you facilitated a job for me at NNPC in 2012 when you were an ordinary senator in the 7th National Assembly.

Myself and hundreds of grateful beneficiaries of your federal job slots are indeed not weeping for you as we are convinced that you’re a hero and great leader. We are only sad that other young Kwarans won’t benefit from such opportunities, of which we are beneficiaries.

Historically, your opponent in the concluded senatorial election, Oloriegbe is not a man of the people as he is someone who is not concerned about others. Record has it that when he was a Majority Leader of the State House of Assembly, he could not facilitate jobs nor projects for his constituents. He was widely known as an irresponsible and irresponsive representative to his constituents, who ran away from public meetings and functions. Also when he was at UNICEF, he could not facilitate jobs for even his extended family members but only his twin children, Hassan and Husseinat Oloriegbe. What a selfish man he is! This is what people should expect from him as he is set to represent Kwara Central at the Senate.

Away from Oloriegbe, let’s profile Lai Mohammed in the project Kwara. One would see that he has zero impact and has always shown to Kwarans he is not among us but uses our name for whatever he becomes. Lai as a Minister representing Kwara at the FEC for four years has never given any Kwaran a job, instead takes all that belong to Kwara to Lagos. Whoever is in doubt of this needs to check how stinky and hungry all his followers shouting ‘Saraki must go’ on Facebook and whatsapp are.

OMG! With the loss of Saraki’s re-election bid, over 400 Kwarans working with him as aides ranging from Special Advisers, Senior Special Assistants, Special Assistants, Senior Legislative Aides, Legislative Aides, Assistant Legislative Aides and other hundreds of domestic staff have all lost their jobs. Also, the chance of facilitating many road projects, hundreds of classrooms, boreholes, ICT centres, juicy jobs among others, has just been lost in Kwara Central.

Without doubt, the likes of Lai and Oloriegbe will in years not have the clout and capacity of Saraki to engage this number of Kwarans.

However, i am very sure you are only down but not out. Kwarans will not only appreciate but celebrate you in nearer time.

God bless you more my leader.

*Oniyangi writes from Ilorin

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