Government charge to create employment through grassroots Sports development


Babajide Odedeji, a managing director, Bajconsult as challenge Nigeria government, in Job creations through sports and grassroots development

Says, it’s upright time for our youth and community development through sports creations, most of our youth, graduate and none graduate are roaming the street for lack of employment

“Am appealing to Nigeria government to use sports as a medium to create more jobs in our society , in other to take our youth away from the street , it will simply provide jobs and food to their tables in other to be responsible to their family.”

Babajide who single-handedly sponsored Kwara youth athletes to   the just concluded championship at Ilaro, Ogun state where Kwara state Athletics shine beyond expectations and set up new records in huddles, it was first ever race for the Athletics and same time a national record was set up as well in 2x2x400m by Yinka Bantefa and Hamid Sambo who ran for Ogun state, it was first ever race in Nigeria history, since it was introduced by IAAF last year.

Kwara Athletes won 16 medals in total, 6golds, 2silvers and 8 bronzes, over 15 of our Athletes was shortlisted to represent Nigeria at CCA in Abidjan, cote devoir from 16th -20th of April 2019.

Babajide Odedeji, says our dream and visions is to promote sports and discovered young talented Athletes across the country, to give them an opportunity of showcase their talents to be discover and represents Nigeria at National championship across the nation, we don’t limit it to Kwara state alone but throughout Nigeria.

“Government cannot do it alone, they needed our supports, our contributions, our encouragements towards youth development. Sports is wealth and health, it depends on how will take it.

“Though it’s capital intensive and required lots of money with total dedications and encouragement, if thoroughly will want free crime societies we need to invest their feature, through sports.

“No amount of money, spend on sports, is too small or big , your #5 , #10 mean a lot to this young boys / girls its right time we come together as one big families to supports their dreams”.

He said his organization decided to invest in Athletes because its more productive, cheaper and  economically save, compare to others sports events, at same time it gives more medals in Olympic standard close to 50 medals can be recorded in Athletes, where will have only one medal in football and other sports.

“Our dream is to see more Nigeria Youths engaging themselves and participating in sporting business in other to bring glory and brand to the sponsor, just like Nike, Adidas.

“Am appealing to all sports Stakeholders, company and government agency to invest more in sports development, is very cheap in Job creation and security safety.

“We intend to have an NGO through my organization, to facilities sports development and create more jobs to Nigeria youth”.

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