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‘Sky big enough for all photographers’


With Sukurat  Adelodun

Let’s talk photography this week with Eziokwu Ifunanya a Lagos based photographer who loves translating beautiful ideas into breathtaking imagery using her knowledge of art. She also offers collaborations opportunity via her email.

However, let’s dive into the photography world with this exclusive chat.

Tell us about Iclickbrands?

IClickbrands is a product of photography and styling outfit designed for SMEs in Nigeria with hope to expand to all of Africa in due time.

Our aim is to have SMEs showcase their products with quality imagery and a high level of creative styling to help promote their brands and also increase sales of their products while being very affordable to suit their budget.

Why product styling and photography?

I chose this niche out of my love for photography of course and a dire need for better product styling techniques and images. Good images tend to portray products in a fresh perspective and in more ways than one, increases the willingness for individuals to want to patronize that product. I founds my company on the need to make products sell faster with beautiful visuals.

How has the journey been with photography knowing it’s becoming  highly competitive?

Well, the journey has been amazing as I try to focus more on the positives. I choose to believe I’m in competition with myself so I seek ways and avenues to better my craft and service delivery. The sky is big enough for all of us (photographers).

Photography is now a very integral part of every business especially those running online business, can you share few tips on how to create stunning images ?

A stunning image to promote a business, product or brand doesn’t just come from iClickBrands, its a joint effort. Every picture has a story to tell and that comes from the product itself. So to have a stunning image, first you need to have a stunning product ready to reach its targeted audience and we bring that stunningness to life via high quality volume speaking images.

What do you think about collaboration with enterprise owners and what does it take to collaborate with you for a shoot?

I’m open to collaborations.  All you need to do is pitch your collaboration idea and send email to and we will take it from there.

Do you encounter any form of discrimination as a female photographer?

No, I haven’t. I actually think female photographers are respected. I guess they are fascinated by us

What measures should be put in place to make product branding and photography unique?

Like I said before, it’s all about representing your brand values. The images  must resonate with the brand, audience (prospective audience included), colour, style and most importantly, the message behind the image should be easily seen.

Which should an entrepreneur or a start-up embrace, photo shoot or smartphone photography?

Quality speaks for itself when professionalism is applied. Product photographers have the skill, technical know-how and artistic ability to capture the product’s essence coupled with quality visuals that enhance the colour, pattern, designs and the special facets of an item that will heighten engagement online and convince buyers about its quality to make that all important purchase. So if you have that available at very affordable prices, why use smart phones?

What do you think about Today’s Arewaobirin column and the way it celebrates women?

Today’s  Arewaobirin is doing a wonderful job bringing women into the limelight through their crafts and I have to say I’m totally grateful for the opportunity given me to share a few tips with the world through this platform. The world needs to see more of women making strides regardless. God bless you and thank you very much.

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