80-yr old bags Msc from Lagos varsity


An 80-year-old man, Adio Igboro, has bagged his MSc degree in International Relations from Lagos State University (LASU).

His son, Usman Igboro, overwhelmed with joy shared pictures from the convocation ceremony of his father rocking his academic gown.

Ever since the pictures went viral online Nigerians have continued to express divergent views.

According to a social media user, GrabHisBalls, he wrote, “ That’s a dream fulfilled. Don’t call it nonsense simply because you don’t understand why. Now, he could die and RIP knowing he achieved that dream.”

For EastGold, he wrote; “He just wasted the money, he ought to use it to eat suya and drink kunnu before he crosses the border to the other side…”

“It’s never too late, congrats sir. He must be really happy to fulfill a lifelong dream,” Obiniheka wrote.

For NaijaRoyalty, he believed the Octogenarian would have been more celebrated if he invested the money spent on the programme in sponsoring children from poor homes to school.

In his reaction, another respondent said, “It’s not about the result. It’s a dream he set out to achieve and he was able to make it a reality during his lifetime.



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