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Help Ibrahim Jimoh beat cancer 


With Joke Adeniyi-Jackson

Just like everyone he had a dream; a vision of a bright future, which he worked doggedly towards attaining. With the mindset that education is a means to achieve this end, Jimoh Ibrahim has three degrees  to his credit, with which he was ready to explore the world. However,  this dream is fast fizzling out, no thanks to Cancer of the Liver  threatening his existence. 33-year-old Jimoh, the only surviving child of Hajia Ibrahim, whose wish is to bring  succour to his  mother, never had the inclination that he would someday  become a source of pain to her. His mum, a petty trader had earlier lost two of her children to cancer.  So, the news of his  condition,   has changed the narrative of the family. His mum has since then again  been thrown into distress as she feared losing her only child.
My heart sank at the image of Jimoh in a video that went viral penultimate week. The tell tales of his present condition is written all over him. One could see the naked fear and despair in  his eyes. The burden of his health condition and the  excruciating pain induced by the life threatening disease was glaring.  The once bubbly young man has become a shadow of his former self with  his delibitating condition taking a toll on him. He has obviously  been weighed down by the pain and agony caused by the life threatening  illness. For Jimoh, the torments just like for anyone going through such health challenge,  are myraid; physical, psychological,  emotional and financial. However, despite the pain, one could see the determination to survive in his face.
From the video,  in an almost inaudible emotion laden voice he speaks on the trauma of his family over the disease that has made  short-lived  dreams of his older siblings. He related the pains of his mother whose two children were cut down in their prime by Cancer , just as he  appealed for a lifeline.
“I am suffering from Liver Cancer. It killed my elder brother 7 years ago and my sister a month ago. There is the  need to take me outside the country for medical treatment.
“I am appealing to well meaning Nigerians and people world over to come to my aid. I need to stay alive for my mum; my sister left her with three kids. They need me, she needs me. Thank you,” he said in the 28 seconds long video.
Ever since then, the sight of the pathetic state of  Jimoh, who had a short stint in my office as a Students Industrial Work Experience (SIWES), has continued to haunt me, his image  lingers in my memory, hence this piece to call public attention to his pitiable plight.
The journey of a gruelling rebirth started for the young man when he was initially diagnosed of Hepatis B. At the time he felt the worst was over,  devil reared his ugly head; his condition degenerated.  His world came crumbling like a pack of cards penultimate week when he was  diagnosed with Cancer at the Harmony Advanced Diagnostic Centre in Ilorin, Kwara State, knowing the huge financial demands for a victim to survive. Now he crying for help, he wants to be saved from th jaws of death, and this requires huge sum of money. Incontrovertibly, treatment of cancer costs fortunes, therefore the  need for huge financial support especially for the less privileged afflicted with the disease.
For Jimoh to beat Cancer  he  needs to travel to India for trearment. But,  the question that has been agitating  minds of Jimoh’s loved ones is,  where will  help come from? There is no doubting the fact that the high cost of treatment has occasioned the death of many people, especially the poor from cancer.  The family is presently concerned  about the  possibility of losing their loved one if help does not come in good time. For his Cancer not to advance to another stage, there is the need for money to be raised urgently for Hus treatmemt abroad.
This is therefore an appeal for financial support  from good spirited people, philanthropists, Non Governmental Organisations (NGO) for Jimoh Ibrahim. This is a call to well meaning Nigerians to yield to his cry for help;  to restore hope of a new  lease of life for him. He needs the sum of N15million to live; to get back on his feet.  Experts said he needs the money to be flown abroad for Transarterial Chemo Embolization (TACE) and Liver biospy.
For any support or enquiries, please call: 08064525292 or 08030464018. Donations can be made into UBA account: 20428225645.
Help  save a soul; give Jimoh back a life; his life.

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