How Saheed Osupa walked out of our marriage – Ex-wife


Hajia Bisi Bisimilai was once married to popular Fuji star Saheed Osupa.
In recent interview, she spoke about how her marriage to Saheed Osupa crashed and how she did everything within her power to make it work.
Reacting to a statement credited to the musician that he was never married to her she said, “We have been separated for over 5 years now. Everybody has his or her own challenges. Our marriage is blessed with 2 wonderful brilliant kids. If he said that he doesn’t have a wife, I don’t feel bad about it. He is a musician after all. Don’t forget that he may say I am the love of his life tomorrow. I am not affected by it knowing that I have not offended him or done anything wrong.
on what led to the break-up Bisi explained, “We didn’t have a fight we enjoyed a very good relationship. He told me he was getting an office at Magodo and he went to have it. He then stopped coming, giving different excuses and I tried my best to know why he stopped coming home, but to no avail. Until he had that interview and said he didn’t have a wife, so I don’t have a husband too.
“I have tried all I could as a dutiful woman. As I am speaking with you, I am still living in his house despite that I have completed my house at Papa Ajao. I have put everything in place since last year but I am living in his house. My kids are with me. I have searched my conscience and believe that I have done nothing to offend him. He always has a series of excuses.”

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