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Sad, when judge reprimanded me before colleagues


Shogo Sarafadeen had his LL.B at the University of Ilorin, Nigeria.
Subsequently, he proceeded to the Nigerian Law School and was called
to Bar in 2010. He had his one year youth service programme in
Maiduguri, Bornu State. Shogo had his pupilage  with S.A Bamidele &
Co. between 2011 and 2015 in Ilorin, Kwara State. He is now the
Principal Partner of S.A. Shogo & Co., Esteemed Chamber, located in
the state capital. He shares with our JUDICIARY CORRESPONDENT, KAYODE
ADEOTI, his unforgettable experience in the legal practice. Excerpts:
My unforgettable experience in this profession happened years back but
still fresh in my memory. That day, I was given a file by my boss to
appear in a matter. I was surprised because I was not expecting such
to come my way yet, considering my short sojourn in the legal
profession at the time.
As a young lawyer, I was in court early and when my case was called, I
rose up to announce my appearance. Being my first appearance, I ran
into some hitches, it’s not something spectacular because of the fact
that I was a young wig.
The counsel at the other side made an application, I was suppose to
object it but I didn’t. The presiding judge, instead of him to correct
and put me through, did otherwise.
He started making jest of me, lambasting me because I believe in the
legal profession, senior and judges, are in positions to correct the
young wigs. I felt real bad with the judges action.

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