Will you sacrifice your job for marriage?


It is believed that marriage is about compromises and sacrifices to
sustain a peaceful home. So, a time may come when either of partners
may have to make a difficult choice such as  leaving  job to keep
their home. AMINAT BABATUNDE asks cross section of Kwarans if they
would sacrifice their jobs to save their homes. Excerpts:
Fadeyi Babajide (Civil Servant) – I can’t sacrifice my job: It’s not
advisable for a husband to sacrifice his job for his wife. But, it’s
advisable for wife to do so for the sake of her  husband and her home.
Adebimpe Adekunle – I can’t be a liability: It is not advisable in
this part of the world for a woman to quit her job. I may consider it
if my husband has a very good job. Even at that men don’t like to
marry a liability. If my husband does not want me to work then he must
be extremely rich.
Ayinke Sulaiman (Caterer) – Men are not reliable: I can’t do such
because  he may change attitude towards me after I might have
sacrificed my job. Men are not predictable.
Olalekan Oganija (Civil Servant) – It’s not advisable: There is need
for one to be independent,  but if your spouse is not pleased with it
and you have the  assurance of his love and ability to take up all
your  responsibilities. I think you can give it a second thought. Just
be careful. But, it’s always good to keep one’s profession.
Fatimoh Hamzat Dasola (Business) – I can’t leave my job: If I don’t
have any other means of livelihood I can’t make such sacrifice. I can
only leave my job if I have something else to fall back on.
Ogunrinola Sunday David (Banker) – It is dicey: It is so deep. It can
be viewed in two ways. Did my partner find professionalism in what I’m
doing? Is he or she ready to fend for me? Did he or she ask me to stop
because of danger or attention? Without a genuine reason I can never
do such. I can quit job not professionalism.
Imam Ismail (Businessman) – It’s man’s responsibility to fend for
family: Can she do my job? Man must work for woman to feed the family,
so I can’t quit my job because woman can mock one with  anything.
Sulaiman Muhammad (Teacher) – It depends: As a man I can’t because I
have the responsibility to feed my wife and the children. For ladies,
it’s possible provided the man has a job that can sustain the family.
Ayobami Elizabeth (Make-up Artiste) – I may quit: It depends, If he
has another thing  for me to do then I may consider it. The question
to ask is, what kind of job is it and is the job affecting our  family
provided? If yes, I will stop it provides  he has another one to offer

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