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Don’t curse your children, cleric warns parents

By Kayode Adeoti

A Minister of God, Pastor Olalekan Olawepo has warned parents against
cursing their children directly or indirectly.
He gave the warning in his sermon at Calvary Baptist Church, Gaa-
Akanbi, Ilorin, Kwara State, yesterday.
The Cleric who based his preaching on  Ephesians 6:4 and Proverbs
22:15, maintained that it’s outrightly wrong for parents to call their
children negative names that doesn’t glorify God.
He added that parents should not call their children names like
‘failure, goat, dogs etcetera, so that   negative attributes do not
manifest in their lives now or in future.
Olawepo also cautioned parents against reneging on promises made to
their children, pointing out that such act could be demoralising for
the affected wards.
“Parents, don’t be promise breakers, fulfil your promises after your
kids must have meet up to  the standard you set. When you dissapoint
them often times, they ‘ll grow up not having value for keeping
promises made to others and as a result, they may end up becoming
greater promise breakers.
“Don’t curse your children especially in public, it brings down their
self esteem and dignity, in fact, they may because of this start
seeing themselves as inferior even in the society,” he warned.
Olawepo further urged parents to always update themselves as the world
evolves, noting that they must not be rigid.
“Parents shouldn’t be outdated. Don’t be rigid,  be open to training
and learning. Our fathers and mothers should always admit their
mistakes and apologise to the kids when they’ve done wrong, ” he
Olawepo, however, urged parents against sparing the rod and spoiling
the child even as he quoted the Bible saying, ‘Foolishness is bound in
the heart of a child but the rod of correction shall drive it far from
He added, “And when children err, parents should look for means of
correcting them even with rods, when you spare wrong doings, you end
up regretting it later, it’s bad. After you’ve disciplined, find it
possible in your heart to forgive also, don’t hold on to grudges or
malice in your heart.”

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