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8 ways to help prevent depressed people from committing suicide


In the majority of cases, people who are feeling suicidal are dealing with conditions that will pass in time if only they can get the help that they need. In the meantime, there is much that friends and family members can do to help people who are depressed or contemplating suicide.
Know the signs
Prevention also involves being able to recognize the signs of suicide, which can include:Talking about death or suicide, feelings of hopelessness, saying that they are a burden, withdrawing from friends and family, losing interest in activities, extreme mood swings, giving away possessions, saying goodbye to family and friends.
Suicide is a serious problem and any suicide threat or attempt should be taken seriously.
The following are some suicide prevention tips.
1.  Don’t discount their feelings
While you may think that their problems aren’t serious enough to warrant suicide, what really matters is how serious they perceive them to be. If it feels important to them, then, in their mind, suicide may seem like a valid option.
Listen to what they are saying without offering judgments. Don’t be dismissive of their experiences or emotions.
Most importantly, never dismiss suicidal talk or threats. If a person is making comments that seem to indicate that they are depressed or thinking of taking their own life, you should always take them seriously.
2. Look at suicide as cry for help
When a person attempts suicide, this isn’t necessarily a sign that they want to die. Instead, it’s an indicator that they are in great emotional pain, but don’t know how to deal with it. Suicide has started to look like their only option to escape a situation that they don’t know how to handle.
If they are still alive, however, they are desperately seeking an alternative to death and attempting suicide is their way of reaching out and saying that they need help.
Could You Tell If Someone Is at Risk for Suicide?
3. Be a good listener
Being able to talk with a caring friend and unburden yourself from your troubles can go a long way in relieving the unbearable build-up of pressure that can lead to a suicide attempt.
Being a good listener doesn’t require any special skills. Be patient and accepting, but avoid getting into an argument or trying to offer simplistic solutions.
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