Escaped lion captured devouring many goats


The management of the Kano zoological garden has announced the capture
of the lion that escaped from its cage, after hours of searching.
Head of the zoological garden, Saidu Gwadabe told BBC Hausa on Sunday
morning that the animal was spotted inside the zoo premises but in a
cage where goats were kept.
According to him, the lion devoured all the goats in the cage.
He said the lion was shot with an injection which made him powerless
before it was captured and returned to its cage.
On Saturday, there was panic around the zoo road in Kano metropolis
when reports emerged that the lion had escaped from its cage at the
zoological garden.
It was gathered that the residents of the area went indoors earlier
than usual to avoid the consequences of an encounter with a loose
Gwadabe had earlier told newsmen that the team would do everything
possible to capture the escaped animal alive.
“We don’t want to kill the lion unless it becomes the last option as
they can shoot it to make it unconscious,” he had said.
He said the operation, which started on Saturday night, had to be
suspended around 11 p.m. because of the darkness of the bush where it
was currently hiding in the zoo.

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