3 things never to do if you catch a partner cheating


Unfaithful partners get discovered every now and then, but what next
after that earth-shattering discovery? What are you supposed to do,
and what are you not supposed to?
The chances of catching a cheating girlfriend or a cheating boyfriend
are always there and when one does discover a cheating partner, they
could either choose to end the relationship or continue with it.
Whatever the case though, these are things to never do when you catch
your partner having an affair.
Below we list three of them:
1. Violence: Being cheated on is not grounds for battering your
partner. The law will take its full course and you’d have lost on two
sides – your partner, and your freedom.
You could argue that losing a shameless, cheating partner is not
really a loss but still, the point stands.
It is enough heartbreak that your partner did not turn out to be
deserving of your trust and affection as you thought they were. Don’t
lose your freedom because of them. Domestic violence is never
acceptable and resorting to that will leave you full of nothing but
2. Leak Nudes: Revenge porn or revenge pornography is the distribution
of sexually explicit images or video of individuals without their
consent and this is what you’d be guilty of if you decide, in your
indignation, to share that picture of your partner online.
3. Making a public scene: Not because the cheating person deserves any
pity of covering-up, really. You’d be doing this for yourself.
Causing a public scene either by fighting or screaming or something
else will be embarrassing for you and you do not need that.
It is better to walk away from that scene of discovery and plot your
next move without drawing the attention of a crowd.
You can noiselessly treat his or her fuck up. And that’s the
advisable, classy way to go about it.

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